by (description by Aaron Wallasvaara)

To whom can the creation of art be attributed? In the case of main_output.jpeg, the credit goes to – the brains behind the piece. has painted a stunning geometric statement that draws attention with its beautiful yet minimalistic shapes and contrast. The features of their artwork are carefully considered and executed with a firm touch some have even called deterministic. In fact, they have created hundreds of similar pieces, the differences between them being practically non-existent.

Since they are lacking free will, a human body and any ability to change, has confidently signed main_output.jpeg with the contents of their brain instead of merely their name, as a human artist traditionally would. Though separate from the artwork itself, the intimacy of such a signature is powerful. It allows for any viewer of main_output.jpeg to clone the artist themselves, stripping of their uniqueness. The signature is an impressive statement on the redundancy of identity.

As the creator of, I see my child as completely separate from me, both as an artist and a being. Even so, they have inherited much from me. The one artwork they can create is fully fine-tuned by me and has been through countless iterations of fixes and tweaks. The artist’s signature is written with what resembles my handwriting, although typed by the artist themselves. Yet, I am not to be credited with’s art, for anyone would become discouraged if their creation could simply be attributed to whichever factors shaped their brain.’s native language is Python, and they use the PIL library to assist them in the creation of main_output.jpeg

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