Nghiem Le Long – Blooming poetries

‘Synesthesia is a rare sensory trait shared by about 4% of the population, and it comes in many forms. People who “see” or associate letters and numbers with specific colors have grapheme-color synesthesia, and it’s the most common form. Other forms of synesthesia involve seeing or feeling musical notes as colors or textures, having visualized representations of time, and in rare cases, even tasting words.’

This artwork illustrates my inspiration for visual, textual, and hearing associations. As such, I connected the information from (a tool to quantify the association between colors and words), (service that assigns the color for each letter in the word), and other similar applications into a multiple-source of text-to-color association databases. 

Then, I use the poetries in the textual format as input and automatically receive the colors for each letter/word according to the decision of my code.

If the word is associatively well-known (for example, sun – yellow, or, tree – green), the algorithm would substitute all the letters to the same color. Otherwise, it will use the pre-assigned colors for each letter.

The last step was to implement the code that creates the square grid of suitable size, in order to manually color the squares. 

The result is a multi-colored canvas that, hopefully, associatively replicates the mood of the poem. 

Tools used: – the source of poems – the source of associations – the source of associations – coloring grid – AI sound

Audacity – sound manipulations

FreeCam – screen capturing camera 

Language of code – Python

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