Tes/xting AI by Ariana Marta

We are walking towards a generation of Artificial Intelligent so we need to understand what to count on. 

Has the time passes more and more devices use AI. Starting from a basic App such as GPS to a more severe utilities such as surveillance cameras.  

The question is: Can we trust on the information provided by AI? What ethical issues does it come with? What are AI limitations and it’s range? Etc 

We need to think more about this problems before putting AI on everything. Especially when it concerns ethical problems!

The idea of the project was mainly focused on the memory of AI and how reliable can it be! 

I did several tries asking the same questions to an AI avatar. 

As you can see, AI memory is very short, it’s not original and it doesn’t adapt to the user (It was always suggested pancakes for breakfast even though I said I was vegan). Besides that, we can’t rely on the information provided as you can see when she explains what a vegan person is. 

Although I utilise basic AI tools (with bad AI implementation) we can easily see that AI has some limitations and can lead to ethical problems! 

I end up making art joking about the AI limitation (small memory, lack of originality, not something to rely on, etc). 

Tools used:

Visuals : 
Mobile App – Replika 
Adobe Premiere Pro 

Billy Joel – To make you feel My Love 

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