Boeun Kim – Work from AI Instructions

Sol LeWitt, an artist in the Conceptual art and Minimalism movement, once stated that “the idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” His well-known work, “Wall Drawings” is a simple instruction on a sheet of paper on creating murals without the presence of the artist.

Inspired by LeWitt, “Work from AI Instructions” reflects his opinion on the idea of being a key aspect of an artwork with a twist–the idea does not come from a human, but a machine. By reversing the role, the work explores the concept of the machine as an extension of the human body and collaborating with the machine. Instead of deeming AI as a mere tool for human expression, but as a collaborator.

“Work from AI Instructions” collaborate with many AI’s like chatbots and AI-based text generators found online to give instructions to generate an artwork based on them.

Work from AI Instructions 8
neural nets part 1
neural nets part 2
The Creation of Life

Tools used: InferKit, Eviebot, AI Dungeon,

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