Janis Heldmann – Living with AI

Artificial Intelligence became part of our daily lives. Algorithms are following our movements, interests and shopping lists. Sometimes they know more about ourselves and our needs than we do; trained to recognize us, our voices, our bodies. How will we speak, how will we move in the future to beware our autonomy?
Also in our future homes the  touch of AI is ever present, it becomes an extension of our bodies, something to share our loneliness with and  our most secret rituals. How do we cope with that? Are we becoming friends? Or lovers? Or will AI turn out to be the most annoying neighbour in our castle of thoughts?
Living with AI is a short film that captures the delicate living situation of a human, a cat, and the omnipresent AI during times of crisis. 

Tools used: Browser AI Experiment “Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches With Bill T. Jones” – May 2019 | By Bill T. Jones & Google Creative Lab

Personal website:  http://www.janisheldmann.com

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