Kai Hanninen – Involutionary Momentum

In the stimulation chaos of today’s society, it is nearly impossible to stop and focus in silence on one specific thing without an enormous amount of self control. Every person is forced to learn something new at an accelerating pace, and by falling off the wagon one is left out of society faster and younger than ever before. 

Even though we now know thousands of times more than our predecessors, we wear out mentally much faster. Countless of minds are being sacrificed for the Omniscient Man of the Future to come to fruition. What’s the price you are willing to pay? You know; they can lead you to a slaughter, like a horse to a water. They can’t force you to drink, but do you?

An audiovisual artwork made in co-operation with several different AI’s for the Art and Artificial Intelligence course in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland.

Tools used: 
Artbreeder – The generator of the imagery and animations seen
EcrettMusic – The generator of the background music heard
DeepAI Text generation – The generator of the text being read
Google translate – The translator of the text generated into other languages
Natural voices – The generator of the voices reading
Camtasia – Capturer of the generated text animation while being read
Topaz  video enhance AI – The generator of some upscaled animations
DaVinci Resolve – The composite video/audio tool to edit and stack it all together
Human mind – The original idea, planning how to do and with what, giving the work a meaning and form
Body interface – Executing the tasks needed to make the idea come into being
Mac OS X – The operating system the tools were run on
iMac 3,2 GHz i5 Retina 27” 32 GB 2015 – The computer the operating system and the tools were run on
Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD – The audio interface that passed the computer signal to the amplifier
Yamaha Cinema DSP Digital – The amplifier that made the sounds hearable to the human ears

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