INTERACTIVE POSTER “Picture Me Posthuman” by Patrick Hutchinson

Artificial Intelligence extends into our daily lives, in areas we may not notice directly. One particular aspect is is when it comes to recognition; siri can determine whether it is your voice soeaking to her, your phone recognises your face, to accuracy on the level higher than passcode security. It would be a shame for surveillence agencies to leave these gems unharvested; modern security cameras are already utilizing facial detection and recognition to identify humans.Now, the poster that doesn’t want you looking at it. Through AI facial detection, an input is sent to the poster when a human bypasser looks at it; triggering an eye to close, avoiding eye contact. above human abilities, with its eye closed, it still knows when you are looking away, and look out into the world, or at your back. The dynamic between human and AI isnt exactly set yet. This poster aims to question that dynamic, making AI a judgmental character of its own; or is it just shy?This poster was created for the exhibition “PICTURE ME POSTHUMAN”, of the course “Art and Artificial Intelligence”. It has been set up for personal use and it functionality is displayed here; sadly a live viewing will not be possible. Online access is too limited for clean functionality.

Tools used:

Touchdesigner, using a facial recognition plugin library.

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