Tatu Viitanen – Music And Spoken Word in Three Parts

This piece is an audiovisual triptych of three spoken word pieces accompanied by music. The text is intended as instructions, advice, and insight for humans to understand and contemplate existence and meaning from the perspective of AI. How the words of the AI speaker are to be approached, be it literally or symbolically, cannot be confirmed since, by nature, the AI writer cannot comment on it’s creation. However, topics such as change, self reflection, responsibility, happiness, and transcendence seem to be explored in the text.

The AI speaker’s combination of inspirational life advice, technical instructions,  personal anecdotes, and contemplative pondering results in tonal and thematic contrasts in the undertones of the text. The synthesis of these contrasting undertones produces an enigmatic message about both human and AI existence.

The piece consists of AI generated text and procedurally generated music, directed by a human. The text is generated by a text completion AI which was given writing prompts by the director. These text were then processed through procedural generation music software to create an accompanying musical track for the text, which is read by a computer speaker.

Tools used:

– Inferkit Talk-to-transformer Demo (https://app.inferkit.com/demo)

– Melobytes Pro (https://melobytes.com/en/app/melobytes-pro)

– Melobytes Text to Speech

– Adobe Premiere Pro


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