HERE COMES THE MESS[IA]H by Francesco Hachen

This work aims to explore the more ethical and perceptive aspects linked with Artificial Intelligence. As we, as humans, are more than ever dependent on technology, HCI (Human-Computer- Interaction) and put a great deal of reliance on our devices, this artwork delved into the meaning of believing into technology, or more precisely, AI.

This is represented by displaying humans, or human-looking entities, in adoration of a machine. The title of this work makes it possible to understand that the idea behind it is to see how AI and technology have nowadays become “religiously” followed by us.

Included are multiple versions of the artwork, all part of the same process.

The intention is to strike thoughts and to make the observers question how they perceive technology and AI.

“People kneeling before AI” – weight: 1
“church-like environment” – weight: 1
“realistic style” – weight: 1
“Dystopic setting” – weight: 1
“People kneeling before a computer stock photo hyperrealism” – weight: 1
“People kneeling before Artificial Intelligence” – weight: 0.6
“Church-like environment” – weight: 0.8
“People kneeling before an AI” – weight: 1
“church-like environment” – weight: 1
“dystopic posthuman setting” – weight: 1
“Future” – weight: 1

Tools used:

Nightcafe (VQGAN+Clip)

Additional Information

The artwork has been created using a start image. Source from

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